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“To get Californians the care they need during this crisis, we need to change how that care is delivered and communicated,” said Governor Newsom. “By expanding our telehealth options we’re minimizing disruption to our health care system to prioritize care for those who need it most, while providing easier, more accessible options for other Californians seeking care.”

Dr. Anna Levi, Psy.D.

Head Psychologist

Dr. Levi is a California licensed psychologist. She has a Doctorate Degree in Psychology and 20 years of professional experience providing psychotherapy to adults and families, and performing psychological assessments for clients of all ages.

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Psychological consultation

Psychological consultation

Psychological consultation can be offered to individuals and organizations. The goals of a psychological consultation for individuals are to increase awareness of oneself and relationships, identify real issues and desired changes in oneself and life. Map out improvements you want to make, goals to achieve and skills to learn. Providing psychological consultation to an organization, Dr. Levi acts as an educator and a resource on human behavior, a facilitator applying and extending the specialized psychological knowledge of members and their interactions to improve organizational processes.

Psychological assessment

Psychological assessment

It is difficult to navigate your way without a compass or a GPS. Likewise, it can be frustrating navigating your life without a diagnosis for the problem or a treatment plan. Dr. Levi conducts psychological assessments to understand the source of a problem, obtain a diagnosis and devise a treatment plan. She provides psychological assessments for children and adults with psychological or developmental disabilities: to determine conservatorship, evaluate for Autism Spectrum diagnosis, test intellectual ability/giftedness or disability, memory, attention, developmental progress/delay, as well as psychiatric disorders including emotional and behavioral diagnoses.



With a navigation of a professional psychologist, you can better design the life you want to lead. During psychotherapy, you learn about yourself, your feelings, thoughts and behaviors. There are many types of psychotherapy, each with its own approach. Dr. Levi is skilled in several modalities and chooses the best eclectic approach that fits the client's particular needs. Dr. Levi motivates you for change, strengths you to overcome life's obstacles, and equips you with skills to improve your life one step or one session at a time.

Couples and family therapy

Couples and family therapy

There may be a relationship plateau or a set back, a loss of something important for happiness. Whether a relationship is a new uncharted territory that feels confusing and troubled by past experiences or a weathered relationship that requires help, Dr. Levi's couples and family therapy has positive effects no matter what stage your relationship is in and no matter whether the relationship is between parent and child, partners or siblings. Dr. Levi helps you gain more understanding and growth in the relationship by being creative in resolving conflicts and improving channels of communication and listening, maintaining a focus on commonalities and what brought you together initially, as well as discovering new aspects of yourself together. Dr. Levi helps you increase positive assertiveness, build healthy boundaries and create more shared experiences that strengthen your bond.

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